Dr. Giovanni Franco

President, senior expert in energy efficiency and sustainability, responsible for development, innovation and finance

Studies and experiences

I have always been connected to the environment, I graduated in agriculture at the University of Padua studying the relationships between climate, biological cycles and host plants. In 1993 agriculture was one of the few opportunities for anyone wishing to deal with the environment.
I spent 3 years of constructive environmentalism in the WWF becoming head of the Vicenza section. In synergy with Prof. Franceschetti I created the park of the Astichelloriver and the safeguarding of the resurgence area of the Maddalene, later destined for an urban park.
I have been in SOGESCA since 1994, where I deal with technical aspects, business aspects, European planning and administration.


In 30 years of experience, I have gained multiple skills in the field of environmental and energy management, in terms of analysis and management. I am a senior expert in the development of strategic lines in energy efficiency and sustainability policies.
I am responsible for the overall development of SOGESCA and its economic and financial aspects (budgeting, balance sheet, relations with credit institutions, etc.).


I am passionate about nature, gardening, hiking, freediving and postal history.