Dr. Simone Minonne

Energy designer and consultant

Studies and experiences

Graduated in energy engineering at the University of Padua, I have been in SOGESCA since 2019, where I am responsible of energy and consultancy for public institution, private individuals and companies. I am in the process of qualifying as an Energy Management Expert (EME).
I carry out energy bill consulting for individuals and companies and I have been a teacher both in the technical field (energy certifier) and in transversal skills (Excel).


I carry out energy audits with particular attention in data analysis activities, evaluation of energy efficiency interventions and definition of investment scenarios. I also evaluate the criteria for participation in funding sources such as regional tenders, thermal account, European funding, etc.
I analyze data and evaluate action proposals for sustainable development plans, both in terms of mitigation and adaptation.


Passionate about soccer, basketball and many other sports, in my spare time I read, write, solve puzzles, travel, spend time with family and friends.