Eng. Denada Ziu

Energy Manager specialized in energy requalification of buildings

Studies and experiences

I have a scientific master’s degree in Energy Management, including a semester of studies in Norway, and a degree in Environmental Engineering, from the Polytechnic University of Tirana.
I worked for three years in HVAC systems design (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) for Albanian and Italian companies.
Since 2020 I have been involved in the design for the energy requalification of buildings in the private and public sector.
I have been in SOGESCA since 2018: I deal with the inventories of greenhouse gas emissions for the Covenant of Mayors, in the framework of the SECAP project (Action Plan for Sustainable Energy and Climate), and I assist in European projects.


Since 2017 I have been working with energy management systems, mainly in the residential sector, first as an energy systems designer, then as an energy auditor.
I have contributed as co-author to an article published in IJITIS (International Journal of Innovative Technology and Interdisciplinary Sciences) called ‘Analysis of Computer Simulation Software’s for Energy Audit in Albania’.


I love photography and outdoor activities.