Support for the acquisition and maintenance of organization certifications

  • For whom: Public institutions, Businesses
  • Scope: Energy, Environment, Health and Safety
  • Type of intervention: Consulting, Training, Plans and models
Supporto SOGESCA alle certificazioni

UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certification

UNI EN ISO 45001:2018 certification

UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 certification

UNI EN ISO 39001:2016 certification

UNI EN ISO 50001:2018 certification

UNI EN ISO 14067 certification

UNI EN ISO 37001:2016 certification

Modello organizzativo gestionale – MOG 231

Why choosing the service

Since 1993 SOGESCA has been providing services to businesses and then to institutions in support of certifications. The first experiences refer in particular to the recently approved EMAS 1836-93 Regulation. From then on, a thirty-year path was developed which involved Quality (UNI EN ISO 9001), the Environment (UNI EN ISO 14001), Safety at Work (BS8000, then OHSAS 18001 and then UNI EN ISO 45001), Energy (UNI EN ISO 16001 then UNI EN ISO 50001), Road Safety Management (UNI EN ISO 39001), Anti-Corruption (UNI EN ISO 37001), Ethics (SA 8000 and UNI EN ISO 26000) and other areas.

All these standards have a similar structure (high level structure) and lend themselves to integrated planning and management.

In all cases, organizations enter a virtuous path that will lead them to continuously improve their performance over the years.

The standards are applicable to organizations of all sectors and sizes.

How does this service work

The working scheme proposed by SOGESCA is similar for all systems, except of some specificities and possible adaptations to the situation found in the company, wanting to create a “tailored suit”:

  • launch of the service with an initial inspection and sharing the lines of service development and specific business needs;
  • initial analysis of the management and performance of the aspect which is the object of the management system to be developed;
  • sharing the development and implementation of management system documents (e.g. policy, improvement program, procedures and instructions);
  • system implementation;
  • internal audit, management review and preparation for the certification body visit
  • possible accompaniment during the certification visits and follow up.

In the following years after the certification, SOGESCA provides its customers with support for the system optimization and application and for the preparation of surveillance and certification renewal visits.

During this service, SOGESCA sets itself the objective to increase the skills of customer personnel and the degree of their autonomy in the management of the basic aspects, trying to bring the elements of added value and functional innovation to the development of companies.

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